Journaling. Made Simple.

Capture your thoughts, feelings, and memories with Write Wish, a journaling app designed for simplicity and privacy. Our intuitive platform encourages you to effortlessly document your personal experiences, ensuring they remain confidential.

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Your Thoughts, Unbounded and Unfiltered.

Write Wish offers an elegantly simple and secure journaling experience, tailored for iPhone and iPad users. Designed to prioritize your privacy, this app is your perfect companion for capturing everything that is important to you - from fleeting thoughts and profound feelings to groundbreaking ideas. Dive into the world of personal reflection with Write Wish, your sanctuary for self-expression.

Capture Your Moments

Capture your most memorable moments on the go with Write Wish.

AI Powered Inspiration

Write Wish leverages AI to provide you with inspiration to write. You have no excuses to not write.

Calendar and Stats

Check out your calendar and stats to see how you are doing. Also see your progress over time.

Write Wish

Upload Media

You can attach photos, videos, audio, and more to your journal entries. Write Wish is designed to be quick and easy so you can focus on what matters most.

Full Screen Video

View your most memorable moments in full screen video. It is a great way to relive your favorite memories.

Schedule Reminders

Receive push notifications on your own schedule that works best for you. We’ll remind you to write so you never forget.

Track Your Trips

See where you have been and where you have written. You can also see your most memorable moments on a map.

Write Wish


You'll be able to customize your journaling experience with settings that work best for you.

Rich With Powerful Features

We have the essentials. You have the power to help us shape the future. Your feedback is important to us. We are always listening.

  • Unlimited Journaling

    Write as much as you want, whenever you want. Your journal is always there for you.

    Available in:
    • All Plans
  • Unlimited Media

    Capture as many moments as you need. Photos, Videos, and Audio Recordings are stored in your journal and never shared with anyone.

    Available in:
    • Express
    • Explorer
    • Odyssey
  • iCloud Sync

    Your journal is synced across all your devices. Write on your phone, read on your iPad, and edit on your Mac.

    Available in:
    • Express
    • Explorer
    • Odyssey
  • Privacy

    Your journal is private by default and stored on your device. You can choose to share your journal with a trusted friend or family member.

    Available in:
    • Free (with restrictions)
    • Express
    • Explorer
    • Odyssey
  • Security

    Your journal is encrypted and protected by Touch ID or Face ID. The only person who can access your journal is you.

    Available in:
    • All plans
  • Daily Reminders

    Schedule daily, weekly, monthly reminders to write in your journal and hold yourself accountable. Never forget to write again.

    Available in:
    • Express
    • Explorer
    • Odyssey

Download. Write. Wish.

Capture your thoughts, feelings, and ideas in your own private journal. Write Wish is a simple, private, and powerful journaling app for iPhone and iPad that helps you focus on what matters most.

What People Are Saying

Write Wish has helped thousands of people around the world to capture their thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Here’s what some of them have to say:

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Write Wish Basic


Special Offer $0.00 for the first month

For users new to journaling.

  • Limited text journaling functionality
  • Limited to 10 media uploads/month
  • Basic iCloud Sync across devices
  • Apple ID Authentication
  • Limited support
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Write Wish Express


Special Offer $2.99 for the first month

For users who journal occasionally.

  • Unlimited text journaling functionality
  • 50 media uploads/month
  • Enhanced iCloud Sync including historical data recovery
  • Journal stats and insights
  • Apple ID Authentication + FaceID / TouchID / Encrypted Passcode
  • Limited support
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Write Wish Explorer


Special Offer $3.99 for the first month

For users who journal frequently.

  • Unlimited text journaling functionality
  • Unlimited media uploads
  • Enhanced iCloud Sync including historical data recovery
  • Journal stats and insights
  • Apple ID Authentication + FaceID / TouchID / Encrypted Passcode
  • Dark Mode
  • Priority support
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Write Wish Odyssey


For users who want lifetime access.

  • All features from Write Wish Explorer
  • Lifetime updates and new features
  • Exclusive access to beta features and upcoming updates
  • One-time payment for perpetual access
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Frequently asked questions

Let us know if you have any questions, reach out to us.

    • What is Write Wish?

      Write Wish is a comprehensive journaling app designed to provide users with an intuitive platform for capturing their thoughts, memories, and daily experiences. It offers various features like mood tracking, tagging, and media attachments to enrich the journaling experience.

    • How do I add a new journal entry?

      To add a new journal entry, simply navigate to the journal section of the app and tap the 'Add' button. From there, you can enter your text, add tags, select a mood, and attach any relevant media files.

    • Can I attach photos or videos to my journal entries?

      Yes, Write Wish allows you to attach photos, videos, and audio recordings to your journal entries. This feature helps you capture and reminisce your memories in a more vivid and engaging way.

    • Is my data safe and private in Write Wish?

      Absolutely. We take your privacy seriously. Your journal entries are stored securely and are only accessible by you. We employ advanced encryption and security practices to protect your data.

    • Can I export my journal entries?

      Yes, you can export your journal entries in various formats for safekeeping or to use in other applications. This feature ensures that you always have access to your personal data.

    • How does the mood tracking feature work?

      The mood tracking feature allows you to record your mood for each journal entry. Over time, this can provide insightful trends about your emotional well-being, helping you understand your mood patterns better.

    • Are there any customization options for journal entries?

      Yes, you can customize your journal entries by choosing different colors, adding tags for organization, and selecting specific moods. These customization options make your journaling experience more personal and organized.

    • What if I encounter an issue or bug?

      If you encounter any issues or bugs while using Write Wish, please reach out to our support team through the app's 'Help and Feedback' section. We are committed to providing a seamless experience and will address your concerns promptly.

    • Is Write Wish available on all devices?

      Write Wish is designed to be as accessible as possible, but availability may vary based on the device and operating system. Please check the app store on your device for the latest compatibility information.